Wednesday, April 25, 2007

TRADE - APRIL 19th at

A few cards from the Urban Arts + Crafts trade.

Cards by Jenn Untch. Titled: "10" and "Hot"

Card by Lois Gregory.

Card by Andi. Titled: "Eyes" series #4/6

Card by Marg A. Tiled: "Girly Stuff" View of the card closed & open.

Card by Jeannie.

Card by Chris Maschewka. Titled: "Happiness is a god cup of coffee."

Another FAB fabric card by Denise Lamkins. Titled: "Color Sings"

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Using playing cards

I decided to make ATCS out of my free French Paper playing cards (a deck of playing cards is the PERFECT ATC size).

Each French Paper card has a characters that you have to match with their lover. It was a challenge for me to decide what to add onto the cards because the designs were so great. I wanted to enhance the cards and not add too much and destroy the original design.

I let the characters on each card stear me in a design direction to add onto the design.

So I doodled on top of the cards with 3D puffy paint (1).

And then I used clear circle bubble stickers (2) and stuck them on top of some other stickers (3) to add some dimension.

I also used white rub-ons (4) on each card. And wrote little messages too.

Sugar & Spice says: "Mr. Montster, I wanna get down and dirty.
♥ Sugar"
Stewed Over's response: "Sweet Sugar, I can make u boil!"

Smokin' Hottie says: "Please light my fire. Love, Hottie"
Fireman's response: "Come on Old Maid, I can make you feel young again. -Fire"

RT-803 asks: "Where canI plug in?"
Shemalien's response: "Right here Baby..."

Cooly says: "Sweet Thang, Let me touch that hot bootie. -Cooly"
Foxy Lady says: "Cooly, you so funny! ♥ Foxy"

Decked-Out says: "King, Play me before I die."
King asks: "Join me for tea? Sincerely, King"

Trophy says: "Honey, Can I have new breasts? Pretty Please,
Mrs. Trophy"
Corporate Raider's response: "Anything for my Queen. I LOVE FAKE BOOBS!"

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ATC styles

Check out these different styles for inspiration for your next ATC trade.

Sketches on top of "newspaper" collage by pbrigitte.

1920's old style by mollycakes.

Illustrations by Carambatack.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Transfer an Image

First you need to purchase your Chartpack Blender Marker. A Prismacolor Blender Marker WON’T WORK! Chartpack has a solvent called Xylene, which allows you to transfer the image. And makes the marker that lovely stinky smell.

Other tools you’ll need are:
* X-ACTO knife or scissors
* Some type of score or bone tool to rub off transfer

Make a copy of the image you wish to use. It must be done on a copier or a laser printer. Inkjet copies from your computer will not work.

Cut out the image close around the edges, but leave some paper to hang on to!

Choose something you’d like to transfer your image on. The transfer tends to smear on magazine paper. And the ink tends to smear on laser printed images. So it’s best to used uncoated paper. I’m going to use these fishies from a Veer catalog.

Place the image face down in position.

Rub the marker over the back of the image, applying a bit of pressure. Don't move the image! It might smear! Here you can see the image appearing through the paper. If your pen is very new, the solvent may flood onto the page, and your image may blur as it transfers. A couple of practice transfers will help you acquaint yourself with your pen.

Use your rubbing tool to transfer the rest of the ink onto your image. Then slowly peal back your cut-out.

It's just like magic! The transferred image will appear reversed onto the page. Keep that in mind if you are transferring letters - you must reverse the letters before you transfer them! Allow the transferred image to dry, which won't take very long.