Tuesday, January 16, 2007

theme: "Eats"

My inspiration for the “Eats” trade was sushi!

Crochet sushi. So cute!


I wanted my paper sushi to have a likeness to sushi. I could have used colored paper to replicate sushi rolls, but I thought it would be more fun to make abstract versions.

I hand cut ovals to represent sushi rolls and triangles to represent fish tails. I had been collecting random items for months. Anything from takeout chopstick wrappers to Arizona Green Tea labels. The fabric sushi man is something I found in a co-workers garbage. The black electrical tape wrapped around the center brought the collection together and represents seaweed wraps. I cut the end off of toothpicks to make mini chopsticks and paper punched circles to look like fish eggs.

The one with the panda is my FAV! He’s from a chopstick wrapper. And the button is a random thing I found at a fabric store for like $0.08!

Cards by Cathy Kouris.

Card by Cathy Kouris. The Chinese menu opens to reveal a steamy soup bowl.

Card by Gayle Baddeley.

Card by Tracey Gose.

Card by Brandon Porras. TITLED: "Chocolate Kisses."

Card by Dayle Bennet. TITLED: "Let them eat cake." The three-tiered cake is embroidered on patterned fabric.

BLT card by Lee Ernst. SO CLEVER! He even put all of the sandwiches on a plate for an awesome presentation.

Card by Kim Gardenhire. Congrats on you new baby-girl!

Card by Kristen Harrington.

Chop suey card by Teresa Medford.

Card by Em Byerly.

Recipe card by Sue Pike-Bower. Love the coordinating charm!

Card by Michelle Spaw.

Thursday, January 4, 2007


Card by Mary Mirza. The mini playing cards move around the brad.

Fabric card by Denise Lamkins. TITLED: "Monet's Water Lilies."

Card by Lee Ernst and his daughter Allison (9 years-old). The felt canary is in between two clear plastic pieces which is sewn around the edge. SO CUTE!

Card by Cathy Kouris. "Snow White" theme. The 2nd card is by Cathy's 3 1/2 year-old son Teddy. He thinks trading is fun!

Cards by Karen Harris. TITLED: "Funky Art Person." TITLED: "This Screen." Little goodies move around in the screen when you shake the card.

Card by Marg A. TITLED: "School Time."