Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Transfer an Image

First you need to purchase your Chartpack Blender Marker. A Prismacolor Blender Marker WON’T WORK! Chartpack has a solvent called Xylene, which allows you to transfer the image. And makes the marker that lovely stinky smell.

Other tools you’ll need are:
* X-ACTO knife or scissors
* Some type of score or bone tool to rub off transfer

Make a copy of the image you wish to use. It must be done on a copier or a laser printer. Inkjet copies from your computer will not work.

Cut out the image close around the edges, but leave some paper to hang on to!

Choose something you’d like to transfer your image on. The transfer tends to smear on magazine paper. And the ink tends to smear on laser printed images. So it’s best to used uncoated paper. I’m going to use these fishies from a Veer catalog.

Place the image face down in position.

Rub the marker over the back of the image, applying a bit of pressure. Don't move the image! It might smear! Here you can see the image appearing through the paper. If your pen is very new, the solvent may flood onto the page, and your image may blur as it transfers. A couple of practice transfers will help you acquaint yourself with your pen.

Use your rubbing tool to transfer the rest of the ink onto your image. Then slowly peal back your cut-out.

It's just like magic! The transferred image will appear reversed onto the page. Keep that in mind if you are transferring letters - you must reverse the letters before you transfer them! Allow the transferred image to dry, which won't take very long.

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