Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Using playing cards

I decided to make ATCS out of my free French Paper playing cards (a deck of playing cards is the PERFECT ATC size).

Each French Paper card has a characters that you have to match with their lover. It was a challenge for me to decide what to add onto the cards because the designs were so great. I wanted to enhance the cards and not add too much and destroy the original design.

I let the characters on each card stear me in a design direction to add onto the design.

So I doodled on top of the cards with 3D puffy paint (1).

And then I used clear circle bubble stickers (2) and stuck them on top of some other stickers (3) to add some dimension.

I also used white rub-ons (4) on each card. And wrote little messages too.

Sugar & Spice says: "Mr. Montster, I wanna get down and dirty.
♥ Sugar"
Stewed Over's response: "Sweet Sugar, I can make u boil!"

Smokin' Hottie says: "Please light my fire. Love, Hottie"
Fireman's response: "Come on Old Maid, I can make you feel young again. -Fire"

RT-803 asks: "Where canI plug in?"
Shemalien's response: "Right here Baby..."

Cooly says: "Sweet Thang, Let me touch that hot bootie. -Cooly"
Foxy Lady says: "Cooly, you so funny! ♥ Foxy"

Decked-Out says: "King, Play me before I die."
King asks: "Join me for tea? Sincerely, King"

Trophy says: "Honey, Can I have new breasts? Pretty Please,
Mrs. Trophy"
Corporate Raider's response: "Anything for my Queen. I LOVE FAKE BOOBS!"


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I've recently come across these playing cards and wanted to know how many were in a set because I want to collect them all. Do you by any change know? Or know where I would be able to acquire the rest of the set? Thank you!

  2. I'm not sure if French Paper still has these playing cards available. I got the pack from French Paper when I ordered some samples and they sent me the cards as a promotional gift. I'm not sure how many are in a pack. I know some people have found like 4-6 in design magazines. Go to and inquire.