Wednesday, September 23, 2009

TRADE - Sept 23rd at work
theme: "what ev"
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This trade is our three year anniversary! YAY!

I'll be handing the reins over to Steph and Gayle to continue on with the ATC trade at work.

Four our celebration we decided on letting everyone do whatever they wanted for their ATC cards.

Card by Steph. It's called "Back to Sewing."

Card by Ruth. Her commentary on the economy (making ends meet).

My card. I was lame and I only got one completed. The needlepoint took two hours!

Card by Gayle. She used clippings from her elementary report card. Who still has those? WOW!

Silver and gold metal flake card by Esther.

Old post cards card by Brandon.

This is my last post on this blog. I haven't discussed with the new ladies if that are going to take over this blog or start a new one.

You can now see all of my inspiration finds on my new Tumblr blog... the laundry room.

It's been great... bye-bye!!!

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