Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TRADE - October 1st at WORK
theme: "fashion"

Actually this was our September trade. But we had to change the date because of work schedules. It gave folks and extra week to get their ATCs done!

So in honor of Project Runway the theme was fashion.

I had a little book I got from a co-worker from French Paper. The promo was all of these sewing patterns and such. So I cut it up, sewed on it and guled on some old vintage buttons.

Cards from the trade:

Card by Galye Baddeley.

Cards by Cathy Kouris.

Card by Kim Gardenhire.

Cards by Dayle Bennett.

Card by Hattie McWhirt.

Cards by Anne Riekenberg.

Card by Esther Boyd.

Cards by Ruth Donikowski.

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