Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Domo cuteness

Target has hired NHK Japan's Domo character as its mascot for its Halloween costume campaign, and Target's official website did host an exclusive stop-motion animated short for Domo and its friends. It took all day to only produce five seconds of footage. It's no longer on the Target site :( But you can find it on YouTube.

I've seen Domo around on Urban Outfitters products and online scaring kittens.

Domo also reminds me of my other brown buddy, Domino's Fudgems.

Target went over the top by hanging a life-sized plush Domo in their entrance. He's so adorable and I want him! I wonder which Target employees are going to win the fight over Domo when he comes down after Halloween.

Also, Target is offering a dozen Domo character goods, including milk chocolate lollipops, Halloween plush dolls, mini figures sets, tackle box with candy, plush tote with candy, chocolate dextrose game, gummy teeth candy, assorted marshmallow candy, Countdown to Halloween gummy candy, candy skewers, fabric bag with candy, candy necklaces and bracelets, and a Domo-shaped gift card with interchangeable "costumes." (Ironically, there are no Domo costumes for humans at Target.)

The website has also posted Halloween-themed paper cutouts for Domo and his friends as well as a paper cutout theater in PDF format.

Happy Halloween!

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