Wednesday, March 26, 2008

theme: "silhouettes"

I decided to do some Easter eggs for the silhouettes theme. I used the egg shape of the ATC as a silhouette and I used some shapes to make some patterns.

You can find a lot of cool stuff for cheap @

I also found some cool ribbon with flower diecuts @ Archiver's. I wanted to cut out some chocolate bunnies, but they didn't trun out good. So I glued on some buttons for a more traditional Easter egg.

ATCs from the trade.
Stencil doe by Ashlee Dowd.

Card by Ester Boyd.

Fork and knife by Dayle Bennett.

Bird by Em Byerly.

G is for giraffe by Ingerlene Embry.

Card by Cathy Kouris. The silhouette is of her when she was a little girl.

Card by Lee Ernst.

Card by Theresa Medford. Fish under the sea.

Card by Sue Pike-Bower.

Card by Erica Price. Silhouette photo of her daughters.

Card by Erin Pycior.

Card by Anne Riekenberg, from the book Pride + Prejudice.

Flower by Jennifer Sunggs.

Chair card by Stephanie Hertal.

Fairy by Gayle Baddeley. I think she's pretty!!!

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  1. wow. the easter egg ones look great. i love pink black and white together.